Hans Tijssen

Creative thinker Hans Tijssen is a Dutch composer, conductor and producer currently based in either North Hollywood - Los Angeles or Zwolle - The Netherlands.

He finds inspiration in Movies, various arts and all kinds of music, ranging from traditional classical to pop/rock. Whenever he get's an idea he basically 'takes the ball and runs'. He writes instrumental music and vocal music. Works are ranging from solo voice to full orchestra.

Hans is educated as a classical pianist, conductor and composer and worked as such for 20 years. Over the years he organized many projects in which he combined renaissance music with contemporary classical music, but also different music genres like classical, pop, jazz and dance.

In search of more sound possibilities he started writing for synthesizers and computers. He has been working with synths and sequencers since the mid-eighties. Some of his recent synthesizer compositions are classical in nature, some are in contemporary pop style.

Endless sound variations are possible by tweaking and morphing sounds and samples. His most recent compositions are collages of classical instruments, speech, sounds and audio samples. For example: [Intro ‘Hope has a voice’] – in this composition he made a mix of synthesizer sounds with historical speeches by Chamberlin, Bush, Goebbels and Hitler, orchestra and percussion.

In the last years he wrote a Sonata for Churchorgan, Choralworks (miserere, I wonder for mixed choir) as well as some works for single voice choir (Missa Brevis, Exultate Jubilate & Concertpiece I)

Over the years he managed to build a huge network in the classical world as well as in the pop / jazz scene with strong connections in Europe, Australia and the United States.

Music is his passion. Please do not hesitate to contact him for any initiatives, questions or remarks.