Our Work

Below a selection of several of my compositions. Writing music is my passion. Compositions for small and large ensembles, varying from solo instruments to full orchestra and/or choir, but also music/sound collages.

Kyrie - Mass for female voices

composed march 2020

A Christmas Fantasy

Joyful music. Composed in november 2020

Winter Song

Composed in december 2020

Evil Rising

Ominous sound clip best listened with headphones

Movie tracks


Lux Aeterna

Composed after reading about the horrible truth of daily life in Camp Auschwitz during WWII.
The absence of a clear first beat makes the music sound timeless / endless. Sober melodic lines and dark orchestration bring out disparity. But also moments of hope and light before it all fades away.


The Game

I came up with a nice theme and turned it into this piece... hope you like it.


Intro for 'Hope has a voice'

Composed for a remembrance day concert (may 4th 2013). It's a compilation of speeches from war leaders (Churchill, Chamberlain, Goebels, Hitler). By adding speeches of Bush sr. and Bush jr. I tried to span WW II and present day wars. The piece accumulates in an massive outburst of war rhetorics and leaves the listener with a feeling of unease. The piece was originally followed by a cello solo and a motet by Aaron Copland (Have mercy on us, O my Lord).


Missa Brevis

Setting of a mass for four voices a-capella with divisions in 5 movements
Kyrie | Gloria | Sanctus | Benedictus | Agnus Dei