Blaster Beam

Last September (2018) Hans decided to build a Blasterbeam. This over 4 meter long - 24 stringed - instrument creates incredible sounds. Deep ominous bass tones and misterious overtones. A percussion as well as a string instrument. Explosive sound effects as well as whispering noices can be produced. Unthinkable sounds - completely unique.

Have a look at the video underneath in which you can hear the genius sounds.

Would you like to use this instrument in a concert or studio production,
please contact Hans Tijssen +31 6 308 444 29

Listen on soundcloud to Blasterbeam Improvisation I

History of the beam

The blaster beam was designed by John Lazelle in the early 1970s, and was first widely used by Francisco Lupica who built several out of iron. American musician, Craig Huxley, created his own refined version of the beam out of aluminum which was brought to fame in the soundtrack for Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979)